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Conrad Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of heatsinks for use in the electrical and electronics industries, is located in Melbourne, Australia. Utilising innovative forming and machining techniques, the Conrad Heatsink range aims to satisfy the following design aims:

  • Convenient heatsink geometries suited to a wide range of previously unavailable applications;
  • Outstanding thermal performance conferred by optimal fin profiles, generous use of premium alloys and machined, flat component mounting surfaces;
  • Unique component mounting features;
  • Providing fully finished components requiring no further machining, processing, or coating, and
  • Attractive, high quality products at competitive prices.
Conrad Heatsinks are now supplied around the world and are used in a wide range of applications covering audio, electronic (Peltier) cooling, industrial control, telecommunications, defence and more.
  • ac inverters
  • audio equipment
  • battery chargers
  • cooling (Peltier devices)
  • computers
  • imaging equipment
  • laboratory equipment
  • lighting controllers
  • motor controllers
  • power supplies
  • radio & radar transmitters
  • pool chlorinators
  • signal generators & oscillators
  • solar power inverters & chargers
  • sound reinforcement
  • etc.